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Year 2 Get Cosy Looking For Critters!

Last Learning Block, all three Year 2 classes took a trip to Campbell Park to learn all about cosy critters in the winter months.

Run by The Parks Trust, the children learned about different animals and their varying behaviours during the coldest time of year. Some animals hibernate, which means to sleep through the cold, while others migrate to another country to stay warm.

They also learned that some animals did not change their behaviour at all, despite the cold, and some animals only changed some behaviours when the seasons change.

Participating in several interesting activities, the children experienced what it would be like for squirrels to carry and store food without using their hands, they also used natural resources to build their own version of a badger’s sett – which is the name for a badger’s home!

Despite battling the ever-changing weather, with the classes experiencing strong winds and light drizzle, the children thoroughly enjoyed travelling to Campbell Park and learning about the different animals and their behaviours.

Some of the children were eager to share their thoughts on the trip, saying:

I loved the activities. I liked learning about how foxes and badgers dig for food.

– C

I liked when we saw badger footprints. I also liked when we were creating our own badger setts.

– E

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