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Academy Hours

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Timings Of The Academy Day
Starting Time Ending Time Morning
7.30am 8:30am Breakfast Club
8.55am Class Registration
Starting Time Ending Time Break
10.15am 10:45am Snack and break – Years 1 & 2
10:35am 11:05am Snack and break – Years 3 & 4
11:00am 11:25am Snack and break – Years 5 & 6
Starting Time Ending Time Lunch
11:30am 12:15pm Lunch – Reception
12:00pm 12:45pm Lunch – Years 1 & 2
12:45pm 1:30pm Lunch – Years 3 & 4
1:25pm 2:10pm Lunch – Years 5 & 6
Starting Time Ending Time Afternoon
2.15pm 2.45pm Reception afternoon break
3:15pm End of school day for the children
Starting Time Ending Time Afternoon
3:15pm 6:00pm Out of school day care

Last Updated: 16 March 2023