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Year 6 – Thames Valley Police Crime and Safety Talk

Recently, officers from Thames Valley Police paid a visit to The Premier Academy to give a talk to the children in Year 6 about crime and safety.

Two of the children in attendance have been courteous enough to provide a detailed account of what they learned during the talk.

Ella explained: The lesson was very interesting and it was good to learn about the laws, safety and what to do in tricky situations. The main focus of the lesson was knife crime. I learnt lots of information on the subject, such as it is against the law to carry a knife around. If you find a knife lying around in public, contact the police – do not touch it, as your fingerprints will show up on it.

If you are seen carrying a knife in public, you will not get in trouble if you have a justifiable reason. Finally, if you are with a friend and know they are carrying a knife but don’t tell anyone, then you will be in trouble too. To conclude, it was a valuable lesson and I really enjoyed it.”

Fearn also provided a list of things they learned:

  • 10-year-olds and older can go to prison
  • 101 is for when you need help from emergency services and 999 is for when there’s a big emergency
  • You can get arrested if you know someone who held a knife/committed a crime and don’t tell the police
  • You have to put pressure on an open wound
  • Police can search you for inappropriate objects without your permission
  • Everything you do that is illegal goes on your criminal record, and they are permanent!
  • You can get arrested for threatening people with knives, even if you don’t have a knife
  • Always walk in crowded areas if you think you’re being followed.