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TPA Children Look to the Stars

On Thursday 25th May, children in Year 3 and 4 were treated to a visit by UK Astronomy, a charity that shares space-themed experiences.

Housed in a pop-up dome in Harrison Hall, the children enjoyed a planetarium experience and learned all about space. During the hour-long experience, the children looked at the constellations in the night’s sky, learned about black holes and what they are and even spent time looking at the famous red planet, Mars.

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about space, providing the following comments on their experience:

“We learnt about the stars, how they are born and how they die. We learnt about black holes, space nebulas, constellations and all the other planets.”

– H

“My favourite part was the supernova!”

– K

“The planetarium was amazing. I learned lots of things about the atmosphere and galaxies. I loves all the amazing facts. Now I really want to learn about astronomy. The lights were amazing, and so was the dome!”

– A