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Soaring To New Heights with the RAF

On Tuesday 28 March some of the children in Year 5 were invited to participate in an RAF engineering challenge. The children learnt about the role of an engineer and all about gliders.

In groups of 3, the children then designed three of their own gliders, taking into consideration the wing and tail shapes and sizes. The children used straws, card, blue tac and tape to make their gliders before heading out to the playground to test them to find out which of their gliders was most successful. The average glider reached a distance of 6m but the record travelled a whopping 8.5m!

In the afternoon, the children then learnt about sustainable travel and designed their own sustainable aircraft as part of a competition. There were some incredibly imaginative ideas such as flying cars and ships as well as some more conventional rocket ships.

Riley –

I thought it was very fun and enjoyable as we got to make our own gliders!

Jacob –

I liked it as I had never heard of the RAT (Royal Air Tattoo) before so I learnt a lot.

Jiya –

We spent the whole day watching live streams and making gliders – I loved it!