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Fire and Rescue Come to TPA

This learning block West Ashland Fire Services took the time out of their busy day to visit Reception children at The Premier Academy.

The excitement began as children rushed to the windows to watch the arrival of the fire engine. Fireman Sam and Jamie then visited the classrooms to speak to the children about their role as fire fighters, how to make an emergency 999 call and keeping safe around fireworks.

It was then the children’s turn to ask the questions and what fantastic questions they asked; why are fire engines red and yellow? How much water does the fire engine hold? And do you rescue cats from trees?

Afterwards the children braved the windy weather to join Fireman Tim and took a tour of the fire engine. Fireman Tim showed the children the huge array of equipment stored on each fire engine and explained how each would be used in an emergency.

The children were amazed to learn that a fire engine has more than one hose, heat sensor cameras and pop-up cones. The visit concluded with the children’s favourite moment, Fireman Tim turning on the blue lights!