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Welcome To The Premier Academy by Warren Harrison, Chief Executive Officer

I was appointed to the Headship of this school in September 2002 having worked in the USA, England and in International Schools. I can honestly say that working here has been the most challenging and yet rewarding experience of my life. I feel so proud of the accomplishments of the team that I have around me that sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself (this can look strange to people that don't know me)!

In 2011 I was invited to Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister and then I had follow up meetings with the Secretary of State for Education regarding the Academies Programme and how best to ensure that schools maximise their potential. Last year Collette, the Head of Education, was invited to Buckingham Palace in recognition of the ongoing great work that we do and we were also shortlisted to the last five best schools in the country for performing arts.

Many of you will know that we are the highest academically performing primary school in Milton Keynes and that we have the best facilities however you may not know that we are operating in the top 3% nationally and that we have represented the UK for the last three years in a live, televised world opera event. This explains in some way why we are the only oversubscribed secular state school in our locality.

I joined fifteen years ago with 198 KS1 and KS2 children on roll, with our 2003 SATS scores for Maths at 43% and English not much higher at 48% and 23 staff. My first assembly was like a mufti-day as the school uniform, which had once existed, had seemingly been replaced by Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd shirts. It was obviously the Man Utd shirt which caused the most upset and convinced me that uniforms were not just morally right but that the children needed saving. Had there been an influx of Blackburn Rovers shirts on that day things may well have been very different but there weren’t! In short, we established a uniform within the first term. I pushed for blue and white halves but like all good leaders I listened to my team and we settled on a more traditional approach. Please note that all this happened way before anyone had ever heard of The Venkys!

Over time and due to a lot of hard work, things began to improve, the children behaved nearly all the time, the parents behaved most of the time and we all looked smart. We threw out the typewriters and got some PCs! (I’m not joking!) We began to make improvements to the school as it was in quite a desperate state. As we improved, the phone began to ring and people began to show interest. The phone kept ringing and ringing so we employed more staff! The standards went up and up, the phone rang and rang and we therefore had no option but to build! So we did. I’d like to say the rest is history but it isn’t and the building continues on all fronts. Our new hall can accommodate 693 TPA children for an assembly! And our even newer hall provides food for over 800 TPAers every day and houses our IT suite, dance studio and performance room.

We were officially the first outstanding school to convert to Academy status in the country however the word premier means more than just being the first to do something! To find out more please click here or on the results tab, I’m sure all will then become apparent!

As I have previously stated I am incredibly proud to be the leader of The Premier Academy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past fifteen years and am looking forward to taking TPA to the next level. That’s the next level up by the way as I’m not a Venky!

I look forward to sharing and shaping the future with you.

Warren Harrison

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